Insert Coin Theater: Tim and Jorge At It, Again!

I’m told the guys are scheming up some new, nefarious goodies–okay, just goodies–for their listeners; most of the show may orbit around the theme of art.

Also, prepare to be intrigued by an interview with Ben Burnes of Abstraction ( Ben likes to see the world as his musical canvas; the situations life throws at us, a song or tune. He drums to his own digital beat, which he shares on his albums.

Three Red Hearts will make you want to break out the NES controller and revisit 8bit glory days. I enjoyed Do This Justice: it’s an album that pulses with conflict, energy, and insight into the artist’s struggle with the creative process–have a listen to “Got My Game.”

Well, Tim and Jorge, what else do you have planned?; guess I’ll have to wait for this Thursday. You can find Tim’s podcast at Insert Coin Theater (

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