Stop Torturing Me, Mr. Miyazaki

If the March 24th release date is correct, Bloodborne will conflict with my desires and torment me. I loved Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls,–Dark Souls II let me down, but that’s another story–spending hours of my life exploring dark, dangerous worlds with only a game controller in my hand to fend off the mostly hostile denizens. Miyazaki returns as director for this new PS4 title, and it can only be wonderful. That’s a problem.

As much as I want to play this game, it’s expected release date conflicts with my soon-to-release book, which is expected to publish softcover and digital in early May. So while I’m busy checking off the required boxes during the book’s publication process, Bloodborne’s alluring promises of fantastical adventure will be sitting on my shelf until June–yes, that June. Weep for me.

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