Bedtime for Seneca: What is It?

Big Little Books and the Little Golden Books, two charming book formats, have held a spell over me for years. There’s magic in these bewitching comics and fables: Dick Tracy outwits Flattop Jones; A poky puppy misses dessert.

Shadow Books DiagramBeing thankful for these two book formats’ inspiration, I wanted to honor both series in my own way. (Technically, Big Little Books may be considered an imprint, not a series.) Bedtime for Seneca is my way of showing gratitude, although this book’s stories are tragic. Taking the grittier elements and the limited number of illustrations from Big Little Books, combining this with the compactness of Little Golden Books, the result is a Shadow Book.

Now, Bedtime for Seneca is nothing like a Little Golden Book–my stories are dark and intended for older readers; but Bedtime for Seneca is a sort of compact, bedtime fable read. So I hope expectant readers manage their…expectations. This book will take you into darker places, but you won’t be accompanied by friendly creatures, unfortunately.

I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with Shadow Books just yet. I’d like to develop this idea into an ongoing series or tie the stories into a much larger work. Regardless, I do hope you enjoy Bedtime for Seneca, it’s stories, and the book’s format. I hope it all charms you like I’ve been charmed by so many other books–or, at least, my book keeps you interested until the final page.


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