“Rapper with a Baby” Made Me Laugh

SnuffboxMatt Berry and Rich Fulcher’s Snuff Box is dark, biting, and vulgar. Don’t ever expect this BBC series to coax the viewer to the screen–Snuff Box refuses to play nice.

Both actors use their real names for the main characters, Matt and Rich. Matt is a gentleman executioner, a hangman, who enjoys time spent with his assistant, Rich, at a gentleman’s club for hangmen. Expect to share odd but funny moments with the two as they scheme with or against each other.

There are other odd moments that catch the viewer off-guard. In the “Rapper with a Baby” sketch, Rich combines the everyday events of a father and pop culture. It works and made me laugh. Another sketch is a song composed of vulgar words. The verse is offensive but attentive viewers will note the uncomfortable irony.

I won’t recommend Snuff Box to everyone. This show will offend some viewers. But for those of you looking for something dark and a bit naughty, Snuff Box may be what you’re seeking.


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