Meet the M. Duda Staff

A spotlight never shines on my team’s efforts. They work diligently behind the scenes. Their support make the books possible.

SONY DSCPublishing Agent: Miss Anne Kalvenstein

Miss Kalvenstein knows how to play the marketing game. She can spot a trend like a cat spies a fast moving mouse. When she sees a good thing, she pounces and brings back the kill. Can she be temperamental? Yes, but what marketing guru isn’t fussy? But rub Miss Kalvenstein the right way, and she purrs like a kitten.



Accountant: Mister Franz Meyer

Counting beans can’t be much fun, but Mister Meyer does it well. He has an eye for the details. If there’s a discrepancy, he will squawk until the issue is resolved. Yet, Meyer is not all work and no play: At every Christmas office party, he sings carols like a bird–just never ask him to give up the mic.



Personal Assistant: Miss Belinda Buttersworth

Loyal and sweet, Miss Buttersworth is a pleasure to work with.  Always on the ball, she is ready to retrieve a document or dig up a reminder from the calendar. Fellas, Belinda is single and a Virgo.



Personal Security: Too Tall Jones

With fame comes choices. But Jones stands tall when asked to fend off eager fans seeking autographs. He has a nose for danger.  But once you get to know him, you may see his softer side. Befriend him, and Jones tags along like a puppy.

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