The Branches of Time by Luca Rossi

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Luca Rossi Book CoverThe Branches of Time is a fantasy rippling in a storming sexual undertow. Magical mayhem and physical conflict crash down on the main characters from the very start of the book. The plot ebbs and flows quickly. So be prepared.

About Luca Rossi:

Research, science, science fiction, and high technology: this is the world of Luca Rossi, and the main themes that run through his literary work.

In 2013 he published Galactic Energies, a collection of short stories set in a universe where not just the laws of physics, but also the laws of eros, passion, desire and the spirit are a little different than our own.

He was born in Turin on April 15th, 1977. He likes to ride his bike, take walks through nature and spend most of his free time with his family.

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