Podcast 2: What Sparks the Imagination?


I talk about the attributes of imagination and the entry points of a creative work.

Special Thanks:

Thank you, Ben Burnes, for providing the track “The Sea of Everything” from your album Do This Justice.

Also, a special thanks to indie game developer Screwy Lightbulb Entertainment for providing the track “A Lost Soul.” The track is from The Maker’s Eden Soundtrack-Act 1.

3 comments on “Podcast 2: What Sparks the Imagination?”

  1. Hiya Mike! Wonderful extrapolation of my thoughts. I haven’t heard The Sea of Everything in a long time and it was really interesting to not only revisit part of it, but also hear your interpretation of what it means. I’m glad that my music and spoken word stuff can inspire cool stuff like this! 🙂

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