Bedtime for Seneca Audiobook Update

Well, the production of the book is complete, anyway. is prepping the book for distribution, which is a rather lengthy process. It’s a process that involves waiting–and waiting. Hopefully, the Bedtime for Seneca audiobook is published this week. Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Bedtime for Seneca Audiobook Update

  1. Ben

    How does am audio book come about? Did you have a voice actor out is it computer generated? It is cool that you have that as an option! Hope it works out for you 🙂

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    1. M. Duda

      There is a voice actor who is reading this book. Before the actor was selected, I had auditions based on script samples. Finally, negotiations of terms were hammered out with the actor. It was a rather interesting process–and I learned a lot.

      For a future audiobook, I should collaborate with you to do instrumentals and sound effects.


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