Personal Releases

Three Red Hearts

Three Red Hearts is a love letter to the Chiptune genre. Growing up surrounded by what is now considered “retro” video game music, Chiptune was incredibly important to my musical development.

Do This Justice

A foray into my, until now, unexplored depths of aggressive and upbeat music. Do This Justice crackles with energy and creative heft spanning from inspirational spoken word to gritty ambient to classic EDM to dark progressive rock to what can only be described as synth punk. This album is my submission for NaSoAlMo13 (, a challenge to create an entire solo album in the month of November).

Thirteen is My Favorite Prime

Compiled from years of experimentation, Thirteen is My Favorite Prime deviates from the usual fare of downtempo ambient. I pushed my boundaries and set out to create music that moves the body and engages the mind. Like my other music, most songs have a narrative associated with it and it’s up to the listener to interpret what that story is.

Dream State

Dream State is a 40 minute conceptual album depicting the journey through sleep. While focusing mostly on ambient soundscapes, the continually mixed tracks delve deep into several other genres. This album was created in 25 days during the month of February as a submission for the RPM Challenge.

Moments of Silence

The sophomore release from Abstraction, focusing on lush melodies and field recordings. Evoking imagery of warm Summer fields and rocky beaches, Moments of Silence contains pure melodic ambiance.

Nature’s Echo

The debut album from Abstraction enters with quiet sonorous tones and swells with progressive electronic power. Blurring the lines between breakbeat, ambiance and several other genres, Nature’s Echo tends to evoke unique imagery and stories for each listener.


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