A Cat Will Play: Update

cover color final with title(1)Welcome to a shadowy world of imagination and depth—where the veil between worlds is much thinner than we ever thought possible and the biggest question is never what happens next, but why. In this dark and unexplored place, good intentions don’t always work out as planned, and the living and the dead each find themselves trapped in cages of their own making.

Containing three unique and imaginative tales, A Cat Will Play showcases the very best and worst of human nature through very different characters and situations. Experience the psychological horror of a postapocalyptic world in “CRDL,” a young girl’s search for excitement and answers in “Cosmo’s Tale,” and the haunting journey of an earthbound spirit in “Christmas Never Snows.”

At times playful, terrifying, and twisted, M. Duda’s second installment of the Shadow Books series evokes a broad range of settings and moods with an underlying thread of darkness that masterfully ties each story to the next. Fans of futuristic sci-fi, paranormal fantasy, and young adult literature will each find something to enjoy in A Cat Will Play—and find themselves anxiously awaiting Shadow Books to come.

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