Jenacide By Bibliophile Book Review: A Cat Will Play

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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, M. Duda, for an honest review.

Genre: Short Story/Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal


Three twisted tales explore the dark side of human nature
…and the possibilities of fantastic unexplored worlds.

  • Three new and different short stories
  • Experience psychological horror in the short story “CRDL”
  • A lost family member may be found in the afterlife, “Christmas Never Snows”
  • In “Cosmo’s Tale,” growing up is harder than it looks for a young Esther
  • A thread of dark irony weaves through each tale

Welcome to a shadowy world of imagination and depth–where the veil between worlds is much thinner than we ever thought possible and the biggest question is never what happens next, but why. In this dark and unexplored place, good intentions don’t always work out as planned, and the living and the dead each find themselves trapped in cages of their own making.

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