Naming the Wind…

I don’t typically write book reviews as I feel that there are others who do it better. But I just finished reading Patrick Rothfuss’ book The Name of the Wind. It’s a good read.

This is a journey of a man forced to leave “home” due to violent circumstances.

And on his travels and in his struggles to survive and succeed within a world of taboo science-like magic, gods that are living legends, and fae creatures that may hide in the open, Kvothe also struggles with something deeper within himself. He is both story-teller and narrator.

My only complaint is that the book does tend to overload on exposition to explain the rules of the story world. But this isn’t always a bad thing. After all, don’t we read to learn something new?

Rothfuss has created an interesting way to frame a story that hits the fantasy genre beats and draws in the reader with an empathetic character.

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