Novella in Progress

Tragedy_comicIt’s a horror-fantasy. I’ve borrowed from classical form genre beats to put together what should be an interesting story for modern readers.

But the second and third act are challenging me: While the outlines for each are short, they must provide a good setup for what soon follows; and both must be interesting in their own right; and more than halfway through a draft of Act II, I’ve uncovered holes earlier in the work. Despite an outline.

Time to get back to the keyboard.


3 thoughts on “Novella in Progress

    1. M. Duda

      Thank you for the kind words!

      It really is exciting. Sometimes, frustrating because I know where the story is supposed to go and how it finishes. But a well written book–or so I hope–needs time. Patience is the commodity spent on this part of the writing effort.

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