The Beautiful Creature

beautyI woke, and the first sight my wide eyes rested on was her beautiful face.

She touched me tenderly.

Her almond-colored eyes studied me as she gently pressed a moist cloth to my thirsty mouth. She smiled when I tried to sit up, and her full, red lips playfully scolded me when my head dropped back onto a soft pillow. Her delicate fingers rubbed my temples, my face, and a fresh scar that ran down my neck. I wanted to hold her in my arms and smell her.

I wanted to kiss her.

“You’ve met my father,” she said.

I glanced around the room. Strange symbols marked the clay plaster walls. There was no other furniture except for the large bed I lay on. We were alone.

“Some creature almost tore me apart,” I said. She laughed. Her voice sounded like wind chimes. My skin tingled. “You should have been there.”

She made a low, “Tut-tut.”

“My father said that you passed out in his arms. Such a brave adventurer,” she said.

I smiled. “You must not think highly of me, then.”

She smiled back.

“I don’t think anything of you. For now,” she said.

“Tell me your name.”

Outside the open window, the golden sun suddenly sank, quickly casting shadows inside the room.

She stood up.

In the dim, I could make out that she was partially naked. Her firm breasts rested high on her petite body. Only an animal skin covered her loins.

“Please, don’t go,” I said.

“You have many questions. Maybe I can answer them later, brave adventurer. Maybe.”

And she quietly left the room.

The room grew dark. My body and my eyes grew heavy. I would soon fall asleep and dream of the beautiful woman who playfully scolded me.

-M. Duda

Author’s note: This is a continuation from “A Strange Encounter.”

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