All In: A USMC Veteran’s Review Site

all-in-coverOne of the pleasures of visiting book readers’ sites is the variety of ways these bloggers enjoy a book. Paul Russell Parker III writes about what he most enjoys of any story he reads. He points out the tale’s essence, the core. His reviews describe what kept him turning the page–and he either likes the book or he doesn’t. Paul speaks from the heart.

But he’s also an author, writing military thrillers such as All In: The Globe Trot Shuffle and Run the Table: Operation Intense Freedom.  These stories are narrated by a penned hand that has credible experience: Paul is a USMC veteran of the Iraq War.

It’s been a pleasure for me to visit his blog. His book reviews are to the point. He reads for the pleasure of enjoying a book.



One thought on “All In: A USMC Veteran’s Review Site

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