Great Book Reviews Courtesy of JenAcide


I don’t often write about book review sites. Most are good, but only a few make a lasting impression.  JenAcideByBibliophile  is a blog that has an accessible layout and it knows what it wants to discuss: books. The variety of genres reviewed are broad. And Jenaca tells you, in a well written form, how she honestly feels about a book. I frequently visit the site because I trust her opinion.

Her reviews are thoughtful, and Jenaca isn’t afraid to stretch the boundaries of what she reads. Several times, she’s noted that she gravitates toward YA and fantasy. But that’s never stopped her from writing about sci-fi or horror stories. Or anything else. And she deliberates on the book’s content until she finishes with a reasonable conclusion. Like her blog, Jenaca’s opinions are well laid out.

Jenaca always surprises me.  She’ll read probably most anything and tell you if she liked it or not. I have confidence in her reviews. And her site has made a lasting impression on me.


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