Book Review: The Dark Tower I

Dark Tower OneRoland sacrifices everything for his obsession: The Gunslinger seeks the Dark Tower at any cost. When choices are presented, he pursues only the nexus at the center of known and unknown worlds, all known and unknown universes. Roland chooses death for others and the world around him to obtain his goal. And to some degree, parts of Roland die.

King’s 2003 revision was badly needed. This revision sets the story in a way that the reader can far better appreciate what happens in books two and beyond. We understand the Gunslinger’s choices because of an expanded backstory. I sympathize with Roland’s quest, but I hope that he changes for the better. And events don’t abruptly jar us into the next high tension moment. I’m drawn in. There are answers waiting for those who pursue this dark dream. I now seek the Dark Tower, too.


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