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The world around us is a jump off a creaky stair step with your best friend and laugh place, a smell the sweet rose and think of your loved one kind of place. It’s the kind of place we dash under a stranger’s umbrella and shiver in a cold rain. Where we say one last goodbye to a family member who’s moving away.

3The world around us is an experience. In every moment of every day we feel something in both large and small ways. And sometimes, it’s the tiniest moments that linger the longest in our hearts.

Each story and poem in this book shares another character’s tiny moment. Each character may laugh or cry. She may wrinkle her nose and shake her head. He may tremble and sweat. But in the end, nothing may have changed except that tomorrow offers another sunrise.6

Below is an excerpt from the flash short, “Never Trust a Can Opener:”

I’ve never trusted our can opener. This week I avoided it by scraping by with pantry remains, serving family meals of peanut butter sandwiches, a wilting salad littered with olives from a suspicious jar at the back of the refrigerator and Raman noodles floating in a neon colored broth. These meals have driven my husband, Bob, to open his wallet. Pak-N-Save ran a special on tuna in the Sunday Toledo Daily and Bob gave me the meets-our-budget nod of approval. No glossy, resealable foil packets with those benign plastic zips. No modern EZ-Open! pull tabs that leave behind smooth aluminum lips. Just eight-to-a-package-so-you-save-more, raggedy-edged cans.

5Once, I tried out a cooking class at the community center. The other stay-at-home mothers covered their perfect print blouses with starched aprons and they handled kitchen utensils like a master mechanic worked a wrench. Wearing bohemian hip-huggers and an exposed belly ring, I destroyed an egg with a whisk.  

It was best to accept my shopping mission by first studying the enemy. I pulled out the contraption with a bulky hand crank from the kitchen utility drawer. It has cold steel wheels, one with serrated teeth for grabbing and a sharper one for cutting. A bleeding finger was in my future and Bob and our two children, Dillon and Terri, will weep and toss flower petals over my shriveling, tetanus-filled body.  

My Mother never had this problem.

Kickstarter Link Button

I was a little nervous about how to set up a Kickstarter project. But after adding the final bits of project information and pressing the “Complete” button, I can sit back and drink a cup of coffee.

Tiny Stories Book Cover

I expect to publish my latest literary anthology, Tiny Stories: Six Flash Shorts and Some Poetry About the Everyday Things in Life, sometime in September. The only reason for the delay is because some journals are considering some of the included stories for a one-time publications right. It could be much worse.

I’ve sweetened the Kickstarter pot: two of the rewards are signed copies of a print version. And one of the print versions will be a casewrap hardcover in linen. If you are a book nerd like me, hardcover books are simply, “Cool!” And most likely, the hardcover prints will be very limited runs.

If you have any questions about this project, leave a comment below and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Kickstarter Link Button

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