Paranormal Short Story Mayhem and Cat Troubles

Okay. Another head scratch for you, kitty. Guess I’m not getting any more work done today.

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Publishing a paranormal short story. And a science fiction short story. Therefore, I’m always staring at the computer screen.

Meow. Meow.

Here’s a complimentary head scratch, kitty. No treats. Sorry.

Back to the computer screen.

Waking from an Eternal Sleep” was just placed on pre-order. A science fiction short story. I’ll add it to a collection of three more new sci-fi short stories.

When? Hmmm. Two more of the short stories are under consideration for sale. I better wait for contracts to get sorted out. Guess the collection is published later.

Meow. Meow.

Fine. Here’s another head scratch.

Back to work. So what else?

Another short story sold. A professional market. Good, good. The story touches the heart. Better not say more until the contract is sorted out. This one will be added to a much larger collection of short stories.

And I’ve finished a paranormal short story, “Stars in the Winter Sky.”  It’s fun ghost fiction that’s not too scary. Guess this one can be published now. Then add it to the larger collection.

Meow. Meow.

Okay, kitty. You win. My lap is yours.

You sure do purr a lot when you’re happy. Okay. Another head scratch for you, kitty. Guess I’m not getting any more work done today.

About Stars in the Winter Sky, a Paranormal Short Story

A Paranormal Short StoryAll Gina can think about is her ex-boyfriend. She can’t get over the breakup.

Anna wants Gina to forget about Todd. So she tells a scary story about the Winter Revelers. They were a mysterious group that had disappeared years ago in the woods behind Anna’s cabin.

So what do the two women decide to do on a cold Saturday morning? They take a winter hike in the woods to search for the missing Revelers.

But when they get lost, they encounter more than just the cold. The Winter Revelers want Gina to do something for them.

About Waking from an Eternal Sleep, a Science Fiction Short Story

science fiction short storyShiran accuses Abian of murdering her husband.

She claims that Abian tells lies about the events leading to the death.

She also has a secret that could reveal the truth.

When Abian uncovers Shiran’s secret, Shiran discovers that there is more to her simple village life than she first believed.

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