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Free fiction logo. No dinero needed.

Free fiction logo. No dinero needed.If you’re looking for more free fiction, check out Aphelion.

It’s a webzine dedicated to science fiction and fantasy. You’ll find long, short and flash story formats to read, poetry to ponder, and series fiction to keep you coming back. Best of all, it’s free. Free fiction. As in, “On the house.” No dinero needed. Zero moola.

What’s most impressive is that Dan has been publishing the webzine since 1997. Yes, that’s more than 20 years of being online. It’s like one of those secret places on the internet. Navigate the back alleys of fantasy and you’ll discover this treasure trove of stories.

Be sure to view his archive page for back issues. Oh, you’ll find my short story, “Last of Lasts” in the 2019 June Issue 240, Volume 23.

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