Retro Christmas: Guessing the Years

What years were these pages published in a catalog?

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Ho, ho, so…. Here’s more guessing the years, again. Can you determine the years that each of the pages below were published in a catalog? (Hint: All years have already been noted in the previous posts “Retro Christmas Wish List”)

And here are yesterday’s answers: Page 1: 1978, Page 2: 1983, Page 3: 1982, Page 4: 1981

Page 1: Any television made to look like furniture was called a console. Can you guess the year?

Page 2: And for young viewers who didn’t have a tv in their room, this was an option. How old might they be now?

Page 3: What year might you connect this to the console tv with an RF adapter?

Page 4: Don’t have a tv? No problem! You can play head-to-head with a friend anywhere you like. (This one should be an easy one to guess…)

Santa comes back soon. Be on the lookout tomorrow for today’s answers to be listed.

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