Retro Christmas: The Final Guess

Toy trains and smart phones. Can you guess the years? The answers might surprise you.

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Ho, ho, so…. guessing at a retro Christmas wish list. Can you determine the years that each of the pages below were published in a catalog? (Hint: All years have already been noted in the previous posts “Retro Christmas Wish List”)

And here are yesterday’s answers: Page 1: 1984, Page 2: 1980, Page 3: 1982, Page 4: 1981

All aboard! What year might this have choo-choo’d under the tree?

Not a smart phone as we think of them now, but you’ll be surprised to know when these were available.

And if you enjoy technology, you can sip eggnog and test your spelling and math skills.

The ultimate in word processing. At least, this electronic typewriter was in what Christmas year?

Be on the lookout for today’s answers. Tomorrow, I’ll wrap up the Retro Christmas Wish List series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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