Retro Christmas 2020–Toys and Games

Ho, ho, ho. Who knew that the Spirit of Christmas past could be so much fun?

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Ho, ho, ho. Let’s see what retro Santa brought today.

Well, it seems like houses were much smaller in 1980. Retro Santa might not get down this chimney.

And the refrigerators were small too. Is this where they kept the tiny milk and cookies? Ho, ho, ho.

Maybe someone could make retro Santa a new red suit after he squeezed himself out of a tiny chimney.

Instead of nine tiny reindeer, why not drive a tiny car to the tiny house? Bet retro Santa couldn’t fit his belly full of laughs into one of those machines–ho, ho, ho.

And what a great way to enjoy the Holiday–tiny football!

Retro Santa sure could use a break from squeezing his red-suited bottom into such small places. Maybe these puzzles will help him solve his bigger problem. Ho, ho, ho.

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