An Audiobook Preview

An audiobook preview of A Metal Heart Shines Brightest.

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An audiobook preview of A Metal Heart Shines Brightest.

The stainless steel people marched by the chain-link fence. Their electronic eyes looked up to the sun. Their sculpted jaws, strong and square. Behind them streamed a banner. A Metal Heart Shines Brightest.

Young One watches the metal people proudly marching back to Tekna Magnus. They give meaning to her simple existence on an apple farm. If she could be just like the metal people, she too would bring joy and hope to others.

But after jumping the protective chain-link fence, the world is not what she first believed.

A virus has infected the world, slowly rotting the body. The dirty bloods, those infected by the virus, don’t want her help. And Crow, a man made of both flesh and metal, wants to use her for his own purposes. Even the metal people are not what she first thought.

With no place to go, not even the apple farm, can Young One discover what she truly wants and still survive a dystopian world?

Story by Michael Duda. Audio narration by Ben Burnes.

The Kindle edition releases March 25th, 2022.

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