Guilty Pleasures

Motorcycles, magic and monsters.

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Real world riding experience lends a hand to a fiction project I’m working on. Motorcycles, magic and monsters.

I’ll admit it–I’ve detoured, finishing a last short story. Ever. Denouement wrapped up this coming week. It’s a fantasy. Had to try one last time at a competition. I’ve come close twice, so one more attempt.

My stubbornness wouldn’t let me give up. There’s been benefits to writing this way. I’ve learned a lot about writing fiction without having to realize it’s only a 500 page trunk story. And I’ve learned how I like to write for myself and, more importantly, an audience.

But no more shorts. It’s so time to move on to novels. I’ve got distance in me now. Besides, I’m already a draft into the work. Vroom, vroom.

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