Deny the Father

Deny the Father - High Resolution


“…M. Duda accomplishes in a few pages what can take other authors in hundreds. He crafts believable characters, locations, and scenarios, then breathes life into them…” – The US Review of Books




A galactic trade union uses a laboratory-created disease on an alien race—causing the creatures to produce a rare xenon gas when close to death. A charity run by a ghoul is preying on children for financial gain, and more. And the dead must face an inner truth about the living before moving on.

This short story collection spans from dark fantasy to science fiction. One character discovers an evil disguised as a promise of hope. Another wishes to remain in the mortal world for perhaps the wrong reason. And a criminal’s past finally catches up to him.

Together, the stories form a complete thematic arc.

Each story in Deny the Father is painted in clear prose and dark imagery.

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