My Books

Books under the pen name M. Duda

Collections of Short Stories


Bedtime for Seneca: Five Tragic Tales

An estranged father, a compulsive smoker, an aggressive advertising consultant, a dark dinner guest, and Life herself come together in Bedtime for Seneca.


 A Cat Will Playcover color final with title(1)

Welcome to a shadowy world of imagination and depth—where the veil between worlds is much thinner than we ever thought possible.

Deny the Father - High Resolution

Deny the Father

A galactic trade union uses a laboratory-created disease on an alien race—causing the creatures to produce a rare xenon gas when close to death. A charity run by a ghoul is preying on children for financial gain, and more. And the dead must face an inner truth about the living before moving on.


We Dream at Twilight: Four Stories of Dystopian Electric WorldsWe Dream At Twilight - High Resolution

A powerful brew of mind-blowing concepts, profound exploration, and infinite loops of dystopian electric worlds.



Whispers from the Grave Kindle Edition- High Resolution


Whispers from the Grave: Five Stories that Will Haunt You

Even in the afterlife, the supernatural discover that forever-after may not be so easy. And family matters sometimes go beyond the grave.


Tiny Stories: Six Flash Shorts and Some PoetryTiny Stories - High Resolution

Every day, a life plays out in poetic imagery.



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