Bedtime for Seneca



“The writing style that M. Duda possesses has made him move onto my list of favorite authors…Not only does he capture how a person’s mind can linger into other thoughts in different moments, but he keeps each character unsettlingly human and true to their emotions and needs.” –Jenacide By Bibliophile

Five speculative tales weave a complex tapestry of tragedy, horror, and loss

leading readers into dark places…but not necessarily guiding them back to the light.

An estranged father, a compulsive smoker, an aggressive advertising consultant, a dark dinner guest, and Life herself come together in Bedtime for Seneca, a collection of five short stories from the darkly fertile mind of M. Duda.

Each protagonist navigates their own unique world where winning, if even possible, only becomes so through losing. These are worlds seemingly identical to our own, where one misstep can send you hurtling into darkness—whether that darkness comforts or terrifies depends on your perspective.

Gothic horror blends seamlessly with the mundane nature of dinner parties, while lovers prove to be both more and less than what they seem. Life and Death clash, sometimes violently, and sometimes with the bickering of incompatible coworkers.

Tragic in tone and suffused with a Kafkaesque humor, Bedtime for Seneca proves to be an inviting look into obscurity—just be sure to bring a flashlight.

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