Science Fiction and Paranormal

Looking for a science fiction book? How about something from the paranormal? Author Michael Duda loves to entertain readers with something different.

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Science Fiction Books and Other Stories

Stories with a more classical approach. Expect to experience genre tropes. But there’s going to be a twist.

Where aliens exist. The Sound of Blue book cover by Michael Duda

The Sound of Blue

The answer’s impact reaches far deeper into Markey VI’s electronic components than could be anticipated. 

A Paranormal Short Story

Stars in the Winter Sky

The Winter Revelers want Gina to do something for them.

Weird Science Fiction and Paranormal by M. Duda

Think of the Twilight Zone. Tales that have no definite end. And maybe no definite beginning.

weird science fiction stories

We Dream at Twilight

A galactic trade union uses a laboratory-created disease on an alien race.

weird paranormal stories

Whispers from Grave

A dinner guest reveals a dark secret. And ordinary desire shines light on the paranormal.

weird fiction collection

Deny the Father

Weird fiction at it’s weirdest.

Six flash short stories

Tiny Stories

Every day a life plays out in poetic imagery.

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