Stephen King’s Pet Sematary a’ la YouTube

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In high school, I lived on a literary diet of Stephen King’s novels. I couldn’t get enough.  Carrie, ‘Salem’s Lot, Firestarter, The Stand, The Dead Zone and other works lay open at my reading table to sate my hunger, but I quickly craved more. So, I  gobbled up copies of King’s other treats: Bachman novels and Stephen King short story collections like Night Shift. For dessert, I read The Eyes of the Dragon.

I wasn’t alone in my consumptive habit. Stephen King’s works have been popular with many readers for sometime. So popular, a radio dramatization of King’s Pet Sematary was broadcast by BBC Radio 4. Six half-hour episodes aired in 1997. The drama stars John Sharian, Briony Glassco, and Lee Montague.

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